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Virtual Learning

So this is hard. Like, really hard. I knew it would be difficult, but I was way under-prepared.

As parents, we spent so many wasted minutes complaining about our kids not learning cursive that we didn't realize IT DOESN'T MATTER. Script is an old mode of a by-gone era. Let's be honest, I caught a cramp trying to write my integrity statement on my GRE test over 15 years ago. We should have spent that time DEMANDING that our kids become text/tech savy and fluent in the ways of the keyboard, and maybe we wouldn't find ourselves where we are today.

Where are we? I'm not sure how virtual learning is going for you, but my little ones get kicked off of their program, or locked out of the software at least umpteen times a day, and it would be totally tubular if they knew enough about the art of typing and navigation skills to figure it out without having to interrupt me from my work over, and over...and over...

Welcome to the virtual age.

And call it post-Covid if you want, but be well prepared that some things aren't going back to "normal." And they shouldn't. Times change, people evolve, and we must move and grow. Regardless of why, whether or not we want to, we have to move on. Teachers will never be unprepared to shift to virtual classrooms at a moment's notice. Public sanitation has taken a giant leap forward. Heck, I don't think I'll ever not wipe down my groceries with a Clorox wipe again.

We're new people.

Our children are forever changed--and not just because of Covid. Racial injustice has been pulled to the surface unlike anything we've experienced in my lifetime. The circumstances are unpleasant, unfortunate...but it is what it is. Eso si que es. And now that we know better, we are challenged to do better.

Which brings me to the sh!tshow known as virtual learning. It wouldn't be so bad if my kids were more tech-savy. Or maybe if they were older. Perhaps if they were girls. If only I was more tolerant and patient as a mom. Maybe if I wasn't dealing with a huge load of work and an ever diminishing bandwidth of WiFi. The list of excuses is as long as my arm. Which, as far as over-exaggerations go, doesn't seem very long, but I am a tall woman with extremely long arms. I'm just not built to thrive in the virtual learning arena at the moment. But, even as I write this, I know I'll make it through.

Because I don't have a choice.

Here we are. Enjoy the moments people. If you need perspective, go back and look at the photos of your heathens when they were gummy little babies. Or, sneak in on them to watch their peaceful little faces while they sleep. Find the joy when you can. Today is Friday, but...

Monday is coming.

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