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Sherman House Rules

I promised earlier that I would post our family rules. I want to set up a quick disclaimer first--these are our actual family rules. I have not created them for the sake of this post. Most families have those touching lists they've purchased at a Hobby Lobby--and those are great by the way--but they never seemed to describe the things we find really important. So we created our own. A list of these rules has lived on a note on my phone for years in case I ever find a Etsy shop willing to make a barn wood sign of them for a size and price I deem appropriate.

These rules have been discussed and decided upon by me and my husband, and incorporated into our parenting and general lifestyle. By sharing them, I might be revealing too much of myself, but, it is time to pull back the curtain and let everyone in on a little parenting genius.

Sherman House Rules

1. Always put God first.

2. Brothers before others.

3. Never drive past a Carl's Jr. without stopping (this also applies to Hardee's)

4. Teamwork makes the dream work.

5. No blood? No tears!

6. Take the lead.

7. Do everything with excellence.

8. Aim for the hole (this works for sports and toilets).

9. Say your prayers.

10. Remember who really loves you.

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