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Random thoughts while watching Christmas in July

Some random thoughts I’ve had while watching Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July movie marathon:

1. Our educational system is not preparing our students for the apparently thriving industry of small-town Christmas preparation. Finding the perfect tree, hiring Santa lookalikes, and sleigh restoration are vital skills for today’s generation and business is booming. Time to rethink my curriculum….

2. And on that note, why is finding the perfect tree for the city square so difficult? I thought tress were everywhere, right? I mean, did you even know that so many city managers struggle every year, desperately trying to convince a handsome man devoid of holiday spirit to spare the colossal evergreen on his sprawling property while simultaneously falling in love with his gentle spirit? Did you?

3, Growing up, I never realized there were so many royals in the world. These people meet royalty every other Tuesday on their way to the local coffee shop.

4. Don’t turn your nose up at blue-collar work. Most kings and quite a few princesses have found their significant majesty from becoming smitten with their castle attendant, governess, or even the lady who checks their skis at the local lodge. These people are on the come up--don’t hate the player, hate the game.

5. Did I just eat an entire tin of flavored peanuts during that last movie? Yes. Yes I did.

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