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Happy Birthday to Me!

For my New Year resolution, I decided to relaunch my blog the right way, and put my date on my birthday, March 4th. Well, as you can see...I didn't make it. I am so close--I've designed t-shirts, written new posts, and have a whole 3-month scheduled plan for launch. But it just wasn't ready to go today. I've been busy on client work, and other things that I know are just excuses. Hopefully, seeing my deadline come and go will make me buckle down and finish the last few things on my list so I can really give this a good shot. Or maybe I will just let it linger until my life cycles back around where I have the time to really devote to this space. Possibly, I will make that time fit into my current schedule. Whatever happens, I decided to come here and admit my shortcomings to keep myself accountable. I don't like failing, so maybe letting others know will light the fire under me that the 38 burning candles could not.

Time will tell. Hopefully, I will see you back here soon.

#birthday #launch #boymom

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