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I am part of the problem...

What I pictured in my mind:

“I will pull out all of the craft supplies so the boys can have fun during their Spring Break making Easter cards for their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. I will let their imaginations run wild—they can use paint, paper, glitter, glue, jewels, stickers, everything I can find. The grandmas will be so happy we thought of them, and will treasure these beautiful masterpieces forever!”

What actually happened:

The boys got bored after about two minutes of painting only black paint directly onto the table, so I had to corral them to their chairs the entire time. They fought over who gets which color of every single scrap of paper, the baby cried when the glue “wouldn’t work,” at least two of them ate their weight in various craft supplies, one pooped, they all begged for food, and at one point, I blacked out, turned into the Hulk, ripped all of the floral paper into confetti and threw a chair out the kitchen window, all while having a paper cutout of praying hands stapled to my butt.

What I posted on Facebook:

(A snapshot of the literal first three seconds of this adventure)

Here’s a pic of the boys having a great time during Spring Break making beautiful Easter cards for their grandmas. Go Christ!

Social Media: Creating the life we want everyone to know we wish we actually had.

Here’s hoping that “life imitates art” wins out in the end.

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