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A testimony

Hello, friends. I have a testimony I need to share today. Earlier this week, I was asked to sing at First Baptist McKinney but I declined. Then, hours before practice, a chance meeting with Pastor Lee convicted me and my husband, compelling us to do some very creative scheduling to ensure I could be there this morning.

This morning at practice, I felt crushed. My voice has declined over the weekend, and I was so spent I couldn’t even finish the song. I prayed to God, saying, “Why did you bring me here when I have nothing left to give?” I prayed that God would give me the strength to complete the song, and that it might be a blessing for even one person in the congregation. The first service went okay, but left me even more depleted. I begged the Lord to fill me and help get me through. When the song started for the second service, suddenly I felt all my fears just slip away. From the time I sang the first note to the time I finished, I only remember thinking—this is what it feels like to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Because I had nothing. And yet, I performed the song in a way I never had before. Because it wasn’t me anymore.

The whole experience left me shaken to the core. I am in a season where I need my faith. I was reminded today that the Lord didn’t bring me to this point to leave me. He didn’t equip me for a battle to leave me alone in the battlefield. But in order to be used to do His work, I have to be in place. I have to go where He tells me to go, even when I feel I am too busy, or too scared. If you need to hear this message, I hope you do today. The Lord is with you, and He has called on you to do great things. Do not wait even one more second to begin His work.

He is with you—you will not be alone.

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