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It's my time...

It’s time to grow up. The days of eating whatever I want and putting off eating right, exercise and restraint for another, yet unscheduled day have long gone.

I knew this day was coming. Each child took one body part. It’s true—after each pregnancy passed, I could see the effect by taking inventory on what was left. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that four major regions of my body have fallen into disrepair.

And you kind of get over it. Over time, you think, “eh, I’m a mom now,” and you just let them go. The physical traits that you once took pride in, you just dismiss because you feel your Mommyhood is very much worth the loss. However, at what point do you say, “enough”? At what point is it okay to make an investment (of time and/or –gasp, dare I say money) on yourself?

For me, the time is now.

I posted a few weeks back about my success losing 20 pounds. In the weeks since that post, I’ve seen at least four of those pounds (I’ve honestly been afraid of the scale) creep back on. I’ve got to get this under control. And not just for some narcissistic, physical reason, or even just for Keanu (sorry, Keanu, but this has to be for me). I mean, if nothing else, I’d like to sit down without feeling like a busted can of biscuits. I thought the impact of seeing my progress would continue to propel me forward, but alas, I grew complacent. I looked GOOD, which did make me work harder for a point. But then the day finally came when there were too many obstacles to overcome. “It’s just one day,” I said. “I’ll work out again tomorrow.” And the next day it was, “I’ve lost so much and look so good—surely a small bite of junk food won’t hurt.” You probably know the story--snowballs down the side of a mountain and such.

I’ve tried some things to help maintain my loss, but it has been hard to find the right thing for my lifestyle. Replacement meals just end up adding 200-300 calories to a hectic day that might already include a few hundred calories of cake (and a few hundred calories of wine—you know, on the really hectic days). Basically any program that has food included is not for me. I don’t have the time, interest, or math skills, to figure out the points in one bite of chocolate brownie, two bites of a corn dog and a handful of fruit snacks (or whatever meal I might be eating from the bottom of my purse). And I DON’T want to buy those expensive, bland-yet incredibly high in sodium prepared meals. So what to do?

I’ve been rolling my eyes and hating on the things my friends do with familiar names—but when my dear friend lost 11 pounds in two weeks on Plexus, I admit, I was a little interested. When she added that they have products that can help my son with alopecia grow his hair back, and lotion that might help my other son with severe eczema—I was a lot interested. And when I found through the grapevine that our friend who referred her makes more than my entire household annual income selling this stuff—I got extremely interested. I’m always looking for additional ways to support our growing family, while not spending too much time away from my kids.

So, it’s official. I’ve started Plexus Slim, and I’m also taking the Bio-Cleanse and Pro Bio5 supplements. I started on Wednesday, and I swear I’m already less hungry and less bloated. I shed 2 ½ pounds of bloat weight on the first day. I’m really excited. I know so many people—basically every woman I know is either looking to lose weight or make income. Usually both. Whether I decide to just take the products or if I am able to make money and help other women do the same, I figure either way is a win.

I’m growing up and taking charge of my health and my income. This is the first day of a new chapter in my story. If this is something you are struggling with, please click below here to find out more. I’d love for you to join me. Good luck to you!

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