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They're ba-ack!

The new Coldplay album, A Head Full of Dreams, released today and we are excited! I say "we" because I've been playing Coldplay for my kids since they were born. True fact, I heard my current favorite Coldplay song, Viva la Vida, while on my maternity leave with my first son and the album dropped about two days after I went back to work. So all four of my kids have been listening to these guys their entire lives. Last night they were singing True Love so loudly on the way back from basketball practice that I'm sure they could hear us in the next car.

I also say "we" because I showed the video for the new single Adventure of a Lifetime and they are HOOKED. They've been glued to my phone or the iPad watching the monkeys have a "dance party" all morning. Which is fine for me because the song is awesome. If you would like some nice distraction time for the kids that comes with a great soundtrack, this is your ticket.

You're welcome.

Click to buy the album A Head Full Of Dreams .

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