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Okay, everyone. I have an exciting ‘best practice’ of sorts to share.

My favorite part of the day is when all of my super hungry kids are home after school and they all crowd into the pantry looking for snacks. They look up at me with their tiny little faces, and ask:

“Will you give us a snack?” Sweet little angels.

And then, I bust out the best wicked impression of Chris Brown’s awesome choreography from the Zero music video, like, “Zero-o-o, that’s how many snacks I give!”

So. Much. Fun.

At first, they would get all angry, but now they kind of accept the fact that yes, eventually they will get a snack, but first they have to watch Mommy doing these tired robot moves around the kitchen.

I like to think I’m teaching them acceptance, patience, and compromise.

Plus, my breakdancing game has never been better.

Thank you, Chris.

#chrisbrown #parentinggoals #paren #breakdancing #snacktim

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