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I finally made it...

I’ve just reached a milestone in my parenting experience.

I’ve spent most of my time up to now just trying to teach kids the basics--like, you know, how to use a toilet, or put on two of the same shoes. Those who follow regularly know that it’s pretty much still touch and go.

And then, today in the car, I experienced a life-changing moment. Let me explain.

I’ve been listening to Pentatonix lately, and when they first made it into our rotation I explained to my boys that they weren’t playing any instruments. They made all of the music with their mouths--even the drums. The boys were all pretty excited about that, but they quickly moved on to the next thing. Then, today the song Can’t Sleep Love came on and something magical happened. They all started singing--each on a different part. I always sing the harmony (it’s the alto in me), and the oldest sang the melody, the six-year old filled in the tenor vocalizations, the four-year old sang the baritone line and the baby was on beat box. I couldn’t have planned it any better. Then afterwards my four-year old says, “When we grow up and turn into men, can we have a band and I can play the bee-tar?” Now I know what Kris Jenner must have felt like when she realized she was sitting on a gold mine.

Here all this time, I’ve been up to my elbows in diapers and pee-stink, just trying to keep my head down and make it through until they were all moderately self-sufficient. And then I look up and God has granted me one of my most cherished dreams. I’ve finally made it. I am a member of a boy band. Yes, I’m the oldest and least-attractive member, but I’ll take it. Dare to dream, parents, because I tell you this living-vicariously-through-your-kids thing is real and it is pure joy!

We’ve got some ways to go before we can take the show on the road, but they are still young, and I’ve got the hunger. Now that I feel I can check this one off the list, is it possible I might achieve other lifetime goals? Of course it is!

One day, I will be the voice of a character on an animated Disney classic. I will publish children’s books that will be read the world over. And then, one sweet day I will star as the black neighbor lady on a Nickelodeon sitcom.

Watch out world, here I come!

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