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I got bills...

All of your fitness friends post playlists of what gets them motivated to workout hard or hit the treadmill. Which is great for them, really. Good thing for you, you also have me—your friend that hates to run but still likes a good playlist. I’m at the start of a six week stint of working through the entire weekend (as well as during the week), and I realized that just like your fitness friends, people like me need some pumping music to listen to in the car in order to get hyped up to go to work. So I made a little list for you. Like to hear it, here it go…

Workout Music

10. She Works Hard for the Money - Donna Summer

9. Bills, Bills, Bills, Destiny’s Child

8. Mo Money, Mo Problems, Ma$e featuring P. Diddy (or whatever he called himself back then)

7. Material Girl – Madonna

6. Takin’ Care of Business – BTO

5. Working Day and Night – Michael Jackson

4. 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

3. Just Got Paid – ‘N Sync

2. For the Love of Money – O Jays

1. I Got Bills – LunchMoney Lewis

I tried to make sure there were a wide variety of styles represented on this list. But I’m sure I left out some good ones. What work/money songs get you motivated to make that bacon?

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