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15 pounds down...

I haven't written much (code: at all) about my attempt to live a healthier lifestyle that includes working out regularly and a sensible diet. Mostly because I don't want to hold myself accountable. But I've lost over 15 pounds now, so I figure I should own it and try to really whip myself into shape.

I'm about three pounds from my pre-mommy weight, and eight pounds from my goal. My all-time low weight is probably not reasonable considering I reached it during my third pregnancy after consuming only carbonated water and throwing up five times a day for weeks. So, eight pounds it is.

I feel great, though. At first, I was so motivated by the number going down on the scale that I would eat nothing but happy thoughts and good intentions, and try to burn at least 600 calories through exercise. Now that some of the crazy has worn off a bit, I do have bouts of disappointment when I eat a piece of bread and gain two pounds. Still, I am headed in the right direction.

But you'd be surprised how good it feels to have at least the impression of control over something. It's done excellent things for my self-image. My husband better watch out--if I lose another 15 pounds, I'm going after Keanu. I feel I would owe it to myself, really. Not so much because of how excellent I'll's more of a confidence thing.

Wish me luck.

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