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Pinterest Summer Challenge!

I've known about Pinterest for a long time, but I guess I didn't get why it was so popular. I even joined when I was on the group blog and would use secret boards to collect ideas for my category weeks. Still, I didn't use it very often, or find it too exciting.

Then, recently my friend had a business idea and she would show me things she had pinned, where I was taking screen shots online to show her. I thought--I'll just use Pinterest! (Duh.) But once I started, I couldn't stop. I find myself sitting up at midnight just thinking of things to type into the search box on my phone.

So...I thought, how fun would it be to actually do some of these ideas? And then, for even more fun, I could share them here so we can celebrate my Pinterest success (and laugh about my Pinterest fails, perhaps?). Throughout the summer, I will share the projects I've done--hopefully the results won't be too embarrassing!

The first one is, unfortunately, a fail. My son had crazy hat day for the last day of school, and I planned to slap any old hat on his head, until I got a reminder the night before talking about the judging and categories. I didn't realize it was such a big deal, and I wanted him to participate. So I fired up my Pinterest app and looked up Crazy Hat Day Kids. And wouldn't you know--thousands of people have been in my exact position! I instantly found the one I wanted that seemed to have the level of skill, time and creativity I was willing to commit on that evening--all you needed was a piece of foil, a strip of paper, and a head. Three checks! So, minutes later I made my son his very own Hershey Kiss hat. As you can see from the results, no bueno. It's like, half-dunce cap, half-space invaders protection helmet (but bonus points for printing out the Hershey tag on the computer, right?).


Not having any more time and few materials to search Pinterest for a Plan B, I chose a piece of yellow felt, a strip of black fabric and a few pieces of paper and pipe cleaner from our craft box, some creative stapling techniques, and "voila", he was a Minion. Kind of.

So half fail, half success?

#pinterestsummerchallenge #crazyhatday

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