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I'm ba-ack...

I've been taking an extended leave from blogging for a few weeks for a variety of reasons, but it's been on my heart to get back on here and interact with all my blogging friends. Mostly, I've been busy trying to find a full-time job, but in the interim, I've had quite a few things occur that I need to catch up on...

1. I finished my book!! Writing the final words on that thing was an awesome experience, let me say. Even if no one ever reads it, it feels so good to complete something I worked on for so long. For those who care about that sort of thing, it only clocked in at 85,000 words, but I did some serious editing--I mean whole chapters, concepts and characters bit the dust.

2. I just had a mini-meltdown because all four of my kids were in the computer chair hanging around my neck, crying and begging as I wrote that last paragraph. Meldown over, kids gone.

3. My son with Down syndrome was recently diagnosed with alopecia (the hair-loss condition) because, why not?

4. Today is the second anniversary of my mom's death. But, you know, I think I was more emotional yesterday at church. I'm dealing--it's a work in progress. She's gone now, but I can still make her proud. Note--a book deal would make her very proud. Just saying.

So, that's me. For now. I've got lots of pent up posts just dying to get out. Hopefully now that the flood gates are open, I can dive back in.

#downsyndrome #alopecia #grief #writing

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