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Brands that are Worth the Hype

I am really cheap. No, it’s okay. It doesn’t insult me—I’m quite proud to pinch a penny until it bleeds a quarter. It’s a finely-tuned skill I’ve been working on. I’m to the point now, when I see someone flashing their new shoes or clothes, or some expensive toy I don’t get jealous, I actually silently gloat about my Payless shoes and the clothes I’ve been wearing since high school like some twisted badge of honor. So I have never been very brand loyal, as I will purchase whatever is on sale, or generic, or in any way cheaper.

But as I’ve grown, I have to admit that some times for some items, you do in fact get what you pay for. I don’t believe this rule for every category. Some items and brands have an unreasonable following when their alternative is just as good. However, it is completely true that some things are just worth the hype. I’ve recently come into contact with a few brands lately whose quality is undeniable. Others, I have loved all my life. I wanted to share the list. (Click the image for more information about products)


This is one of my newer brand obsessions. Due to my extreme cheapness, I hadn’t jumped on the K-Cup bandwagon until my husband bought me the 2.0 brewer for Christmas last year. If you are wondering how much I like it, I will be throwing it a birthday party after we open up our Christmas gifts in a few months. Like the smart phone, I’m not sure how I lived without it. I use it for coffee, soup, tea, hot water…In fact, I’ve even considered buying a second one for travel. Only I don’t travel. But it’s that good.


The only reason I’m able to tell you about this brand is because of the Black Friday sale at Walmart. I was able to purchase a Dyson vacuum at an insane amount. I had to travel around the area to various locations, and eventually found one THAT SOMEONE HID in a different aisle (take that, creative-yet-manipulative-bargain shopper). But it was so worth it. They never lose suction. Once I thought it was losing suction. I was preparing to write a carefully worded letter to whom it may concern to air my grievances. Then, I noticed there was a blockage in the pipe. Some yahoo (namely me, since I’m the only person who has ever vacuumed even one iota at my house) tried to suck up a ballpoint pen. Needless to say, once that pen was removed, the vacuum can once again suck the diaper right off a baby that is trying to purposely throw Legos into the vacuum path. I say that purely hypothetically, of course.


When your face is two/thirds lips, you have to keep them hydrated. In fact, a good 12 coats of Vaseline is usually the only beauty accessory I step out in to face the day (so I’m either so extremely good looking that I don’t need makeup, or that ship sailed so long ago that I don’t even wave as it crosses the horizon—you decide). Off-brands simply won’t do. I keep the Cocoa butter mother ship in my bathroom, but I also have various satellites sprinkled throughout my day—one in my office, my car…I even tinted the one in my purse using blush from a recipe I found on Pinterest. Yep. I love Vaseline so much that I search for ways to enhance my Vaseline experience on Pinterest.


The mother of all brands—I’ve been loyal to Adidas since as long as I can remember. I only wear their shoes—I love the designs and the fit. And don’t even start to tell me about Nike because they run small. When you have extremely large feet to begin with, you really take a hit in the confidence points when you have to buy a men’s size 12 at the store. Anyway, if I had a nickel for every person who asked me if I was a WNBA player after seeing me standing in line at Panera decked out in my head-to-toe Adidas uniform, well, I’d have at least $0.25. And that’s a good rate of interest, let me tell you.


This is a new one for the list. I’ve heard about this brand of coolers from my friends whose husbands hunt, but thought—I have no need for hunting accessories, and let it go in one ear and out the other. And then one day my husband spent almost $60 on a cup and I thought he was crazy. Until the next day when I noticed that his special cup still was full of ice after sitting on the counter all day and overnight. Mind blown. When they say “Wildly stronger! Keeps ice longer”—they aren’t just whistling Dixie.

Honorable Mentions

Breyer’s Ice Cream: True, I live in Texas so I am supposed to worship Blue Bell like the second coming of Jesus, but to me, Breyer’s will always taste like homemade. Problem—I just don’t eat ice cream very often. I’m a cake person. My loyal followers know that already.

Jiff Peanut Butter: They say choosy moms choose Jiff. Turns out stressed, cheap moms choose whatever is on sale. But I must say, even Skippy has all of that oil collected in the top when you open it. Jiff never does. So if only it would go on sale more often…

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