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And the winner is...

Did I finish? Did I complete the NaNoWriMo challenge? Well, that depends. What had happened was…November was crazy, ya’ll. Let me explain.

  • The month is the kickoff to the holiday season. I had a major holiday that included one full day of cooking. (subtract 1 day)

  • We had a vague, unforeseen crisis. I’m not going to elaborate on this one, but it is important to note because vague as it is, it did contribute to my excuse. (subtract 1 day)

  • I was tragically injured. My back injury flared up to epic proportions. I was literally crawling on the floor because I couldn’t stand for TWO DAYS. (subtract 2 days)

  • I taught a weekend class. All semester I teach one class, two days a week. But for three tiny weeks I signed on to teach an express course at the local college. Two of those weeks fell in October. But being that everything was against me, of course one of those weeks fell in November. And I spent that weekend teaching day and night, and then coming home to grade and prepare. (subtract 2 days)

  • I travelled. Yes, even though in the years past and future I rarely leave the house, this November I got on a plane and flew across the country to visit relatives for a week which we celebrated with a constant state of chaos and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. (subtract 3 days)

  • My kids, yo. They were even more kiddly than usual, being that this school district celebrates Thanksgiving by giving them an entire week vacation. And the district should be thankful—you’d die to see my taxes. (subtract 5 days)

So if you are keeping up, even before I began this challenge, I was down 14 days. That is almost half of the challenge, just gone. I would have to be a superhero to finish, right?

Well, get me a cape then. Because I officially clocked in at 59,399 words at 11:30 PM on November 30th. Alas, my celebration is short-lived. Because my real goal was to finish the manuscript. And from the looks of my outline, I’ve got another 25-30K left to go before I can begin really editing. I blame my cheapness. I only buy books that have true heft—to make sure I get my money’s worth. And apparently, I write as I read. So wish me luck. I’m hoping that the great habits I formed while writing through the adversity which was November ’14 will help me continue pushing through until I type those coveted words…

The End


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