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Here's the week I've been having:

I don’t know what I’m making for dinner tonight—let alone Thanksgiving. I need to go to the store so badly that I can’t even make the kids a sandwich. And if I don’t at least attempt to buy a turkey in the next few moments, there will be little chance of having it thawed in time to cook on Thursday.

I have a stack of mail, bills and other personal things that must get done, in addition to a growing pile of papers and tests that need to be graded.

My kids literally destroy the house whenever I try to do anything that doesn’t involve their complete enraptured entertainment. Oh, did I forget to mention they have the whole week off for Thanksgiving?


The dryers on the fritz, our extra fridge isn’t working, I still haven’t taken the car to be repaired, and at least one of my kids needs assistance with pooping every 15 minutes because that is the only activity they can all agree on.

In fact, the bathroom is their favorite hangout. Yesterday while trying to make something creative for dinner (no groceries, remember?) I found my three-year old peeing into the toilet while the baby was attempting to drink the toilet water with a plastic spoon. And I’m like, “Where on earth did you find a plastic spoon? Now I won’t have them when I want to pack fruit cups in your lunches!”

Hold on a second…it’s only Tuesday?!

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