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Did I just say that?

I was going through my crazy quotes list, and I noticed that the group headings are sometimes as funny (and as random) as the actual quotes. For example, I have quotes under the headings of food, discipline, licking, safety, gross, and of course, poop (which, yes, is separate from gross). Every now and then, quotes in the miscellaneous group can be pulled out to form their own group. So today, I share with you the newest and most random group on my list: Ninjas.

“I’m a mom, not a ninja.” Though I do have some decidedly ninja-like characteristics.

“When you put it that way, I guess you could technically dress up as a ninja for community helpers day.” Some kids want to be firefighters. Mine want to be ninjas and cowboys.

“That depends…is a ninja sandwich something a ninja would eat, or does it contain actual ninjas?” I can make it either way…

“I think he is about to do something bad. He’s been creeping around like a bad ninja.” This was actually a quote from my now 5-year old. He’s very observant.

“Ninjas don’t like monkeys.” To be honest, monkeys are probably a bit overrated anyway.

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