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Our morning walk to school

On the way to school…

5-year old: “Wow, Mommy—it’s cold outside! I thought Texas is never supposed to get cold. It feels like Christmas. I love it!”

Three minutes later…

5-year old: “Okay Mommy, I changed my mind. I like hot better.”

On the way back home…

The baby and I had reached a standoff. He wouldn’t walk any farther, and refused to move in any direction. I tried the lovey-coo voice, scolding, demanding and pleading. Pretending to walk away and waving goodbye didn’t even faze him. Finally, I was forced to use the one special mommy trick that can only be used once per child. I reached into my pocket and then extended my closed hand in his direction.

“Look what I’ve got for you, baby! Do you want this?” He smiled and instantly baby jogged over to me—expecting to get a secret treat.

He peeked into my hand. “Cookie?”

“Nope, a high five!”

I gave him five, scooped him up and ran home. It was cold so I had to use it. But he will never fall for it again.

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