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My first review for the SuperBrother Squad book. Very excited!!



The SuperBrother Squad vs. the Aquatic Carrots of Doom by Jenay Sherman is a humorous adventure where SuperSean and his brothers Wonder Willam, Austinman and Dillonator are going to fight their enemy - CARROTS!!! All the brothers have unique super powers which make them super heroes. Dillonator is strong like a tiger, William has the ability to dismantle any contraption, and Baby Austin gives them many powerful diversions in their missions. Will these brothers be able to wash away the carrot ninjas without being caught by their mother? Join them on this amusing adventure action trip of The SuperBrother Squad vs the Aquatic Carrots of Doom. The book is funny and the theme and scenes are highlighted by the equally quirky illustrations that make the characters and scenes look hilarious and lovable. The pictures give movement and life to the story. Children will enjoy reading about the adventures of these brothers with the evil black lizard, Mocha the super dog, and the carrots. Trying to destroy carrots is the theme which is handled beautifully. It will make a good bedtime story book and can also be used in school libraries and classrooms for read-aloud and story-telling sessions. Children will be able to relate well to the theme because they are often forced by parents to eat vegetables which they dislike. Every child has their likes and dislikes when it comes to food, which makes this an adorable theme. And the humorous way of looking at it is what makes the book endearing to readers.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

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