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How do you do it?


It was just one of those. First, we leave the first store because the four year old is acting a fool. After a stern talk in the car, we barely make it through the second store because the three year old is a mess. Then, we get the slowest moving line in history (not kidding, it was so slow I had to fight back tears), then, one of the bags explodes and produce falls everywhere. This woman, looks around my age, carefully and politely steps over my onions to walk on by. Thanks lady.

I get it all the time—“How do you do it?” This one mom said to me the other day, “Yeah, I have four too and sometimes you can’t avoid bringing them all to the store.” Umm, how about all times? What is the alternative? People ask, “How do you shop?” I’m like, “In stores…” It’s hard. Real hard. Sometimes I cry. But I have to buy toilet paper. And they sell that at the store.

I’m starting to think other people have a magical place to drop off their kids when they have to do stuff. But when I say we have no family or friends around—I really mean it. And the last thing my husband wants to do after work is stay alone in the house with wild kids. And so I shop. I shop with kids. Lots of kids. Lots of young kids. I put it off as long as I can. But there is a lot of butt wiping in this house, and that takes supplies.

PS: The typing of this post was interrupted by one horrible blowout diaper, one drink spill, and one peed on the floor accident. I tell you this because it is this type of behind-the-scenes color that gives my story real depth.


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