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Did I Just Say That? Kids Edition

This week my kids talked waaay too much. Some of it was annoying. Most of it was funny. For example:

“Stop saying that! You’re making my ears want to bite you!”

“It smells good to my mouth, but it’s making my nose hurt.”

“I’m the goodest hero and you’re the goodest…bad-ro.”

“Jesus, please have a safe night in my heart, and please don’t die on the cross no more.” This was during evening prayers.

“It’s okay, son. It’s okay.”

“Oh, I feel much better now!” Not so funny at face value, but consider he said it immediately after throwing up all over the floor of the AT&T store.

“When I grow up and be a man, I’m gonna always live with you at your house.”

“We have plenty of money! Just buy me a slushy drink!” He actually used the word “plenty.”

And it’s only Thursday.

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