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Random observations

Why is it that the person who takes 14 minutes standing at the Redbox, scrolling through all the titles always picks the most random, old-release movie (example; Steel Magnolias, Bringing Down the House, etc)? Really? You rushed out of the comfort of your home and parked at this machine and spent the better part of half an hour to rent that old movie, right now?

I’d like to thank my bank for the added security measures. I don’t even mind when I get declined if I make a large purchase, or travel out of town, because they have my best interest at heart. But please explain how the frauds were able to use my account to buy gas, movies, beer and cigarettes out in Pennsylvania without my card or an additional form of ID with my name on it. Because I get carded at my local grocery store every time, and my own bank won’t cash my joint check without my husband even when I bring in his ID. Take your time.

Are you proud of yourself for having a light 120 calorie diet snack meal? Oops, check the serving size. You actually had a nice 360 calorie diet meal because that little microwave packet was meant to be rationed out over a series of days. Duh. Hope you didn’t splurge on the cookie too.

Would you like a receipt for your gas purchase today? Please select YES or NO. Yes. Printing…printing…printing…see cashier for receipt. Ha ha, machine, the joke is on you! You thought I really believed it would print this time, but I knew it wouldn’t. I’ve never been to a gas station that had receipt paper at the pump. I just pushed that button to fool you. I win. And I’m not going in to bring all my kids inside to stand in line and see the cashier for my receipt. You’re not the boss of me.

In what country do they use Taco Bell caramel apple empanadas as currency? Because every time (EVERY TIME) I have ever ordered these, I do not get them in the bag. And I have to pull back through and show my receipt. And then, they grudgingly hand me the empanadas. Every time. And a few times I have been challenged—that they were in the bag, or I didn’t really order them. I’ve talked to a few other people and this happens to them (every time) as well. In other states. If it has happened to even two people in two different states I am forced to assume this is a national issue. Why are you hoarding the caramel apple empanadas Taco Bell employees??? WHY???

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

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