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I'm so glad the baby is walking...

I am so glad the baby is walking. It has improved his quality of life in so many ways.

  • He can follow me from room to room while crying much faster.

  • He has greater ease accessing utilitarian items, such as knives, tools and the pizza slicer.

  • His personal hygiene has improved now that he can reach drawer with the toothpaste and floss picks.

  • He can totally disappear from a room in a single moment.

  • It’s better on his knees and joints.

  • A whole new level of hiding places for the remote has been opened to him.

  • He can now transport two items to the wrong place at the same time. Here he is with two CDs. Sorry the image is blurry. He is actually quite fast.


  • He can now walk up to a closed door of a room or closet he shouldn’t be in, turn the handle, and walk into said forbidden room or closet.

You are probably wondering why I just don’t get baby locks, right? Below is a collage of some of the failed techniques we employ in our household.


If his brothers know how to open it, so does he. The children are getting smarter. I believe this is natural selection at its finest. If he is to thrive as a toddler, he must learn how to defeat all obstacles meant to contain him. Otherwise, how else would I find the DVR remote in the crisper drawer?


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