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I went to the antique mall with my mother-in-law today. It was the first time ever going and really getting to look around without 8 little hands threatening to break touch everything in sight. I found this violin and fell in love. I play the violin, and the two I own are still playable, where this one looks ready to fall to pieces at any moment. Best part, it (almost) matches my piano!! The vendor had no info about it, but “EST 1863” is engraved on the bottom. Too bad stripping the wood will have also stripped it of pretty much all value. Still, I love it. I want to display it on top of the piano, but I feel I am inviting danger that way. The boys will probably use it as a weapon. They can use almost anything as a weapon. I have very resourceful children. I am reminded of the great Gerbera daisy battle of 2014…

I was actually looking for an old cello that I could paint to match my piano last week on craigslist. Then I find this. I’d also like a harp. I’m like the lady who takes in handicapped pets, only, with old stringed instruments. My husband is like, please don’t bring any more home! But I can’t help myself.

Now my interest is renewed. Must. Find. Cello.

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