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Method to my Madness

  • That is not soap scum on my shower door. It is a homemade “faux frosted” glass décor.

  • I know the dog bowl is empty. But if he fills up on dog food he won’t have room for all the scraps under the table.

  • His shoes are on the wrong feet because I believe that teaching my children independence and self-care is more important than “fashion”. Or practicality. Or blisters.

  • He is out in public with only one shoe because it part of this really cool game called the “Lose one shoe while out on various errands, then go back over all the places you’ve already been to find said shoe” scavenger hunt. This game is really fun if you have a good sense of humor and are not prone to violent outbursts.

  • I am not a bad driver—considering the circus performance occurring inside the car, I’m actually quite skilled.

  • I am not taking the Lord’s name in vain.Those are real, necessary calls for help from my Lord and Savior.


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