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Isn't it ironic?

Ugh. This week. I haven't been writing much, not because I don't have anything to say, and not because I am avoiding or even procrastinating. I have just been busy doing something all day, every day. Funny thing is, I haven't gotten anything done. I knew it was bad when my husband so elegantly asked, "so what do you guys do all day?" But before I could get too mad at him, I realized, I don't have a really good answer.

Take this week. This week has been a lesson in non-structure (it's a word because I say so). This week, I cleaned a good majority of the house. We had tile work done last week and there was an inch of dust on every surface. Now there is only an inch of dust on 40% of the surfaces. I took all of the boys’ clothes they've ever worn, wear, or hope to wear one day and put them in a big pile. Not sure yet where I'm going with that one, but just wait, it will probably be inspired. I have compiled a mountain of baby stuff to sell at this wonderfully organized and beautifully efficient garage sale I have planned in my mind. It is in the dining room. Right by the front door. I pulled off the often joked about but never achieved until now four boy/four doctor appointment week that other mothers can only dream about. If you keep tabs on that sort of thing it was more strep, pink eye, well visit and severe constipation (which gives even more insight to our special brand of fun). This resulted in four trips to the pharmacy (yes, even the well visit warranted a prescription). And the severe constipation case came to a most satisfying end today all over the floor. Then, I had two parent/teacher meetings that were all backwards. The boy I thought was rockin' is doing okay, and the one I thought was just getting by is kicking butt and taking names. And to top it off, a friend asked me on Facebook to help her family move and because I am new to Facebook and as good at using Facebook as a monkey is as good at…using Facebook, I completely missed the message and now I’m the jerk monkey who was a no call no show for a friend.

This list doesn’t even begin to cover even a slight fraction of the random crazy that occurred this week. Everything on my list has remained untouched. I have been late for everywhere I went, and even rescheduled two or ten things for next week. I’ve just been busy putting out fires, which is funny, because I feel like I’m under water. It’s just been a “ten thousand spoons, when all you need is a knife” type of week. Not so much ironic as it is completely annoying. So every evening when I wanted to come here to vent, I instead kept it to myself because what I don’t want is to seem ungrateful and whiny or to make motherhood look bad.

Because, honestly, I love motherhood. But this week, motherhood didn’t love me. Which is really unfair considering how understanding I have been with what it did to my body.


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