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Big D!


My husband ran his first half-marathon today! We are so proud of him! He’s been training for it for a while now and was excited to run. Then we woke up today and it was pouring rain. We dropped him off at the start and then waited in the car watching movies until it was time for me to schlep the boys to the finish line. Two boys fought so much over the umbrella in the street that I had to confiscate all umbrellas and walk in the rain. I felt bad wanting to complain just for standing there while others were running in the cold rain.

But it was all worth it when he crossed the finish line. He was soaked, cold and hungry, but I think he was also pretty proud of finishing his first run. He said he was great until the last two miles or so when he cramped up and had to slow his pace. But he still kept going. My sons were proud too. My husband had a great conversation with our four year old that pretty much summed up the whole experience.

Son: “Daddy, I love you. You’re my champion.”

Dad: “Thank you son, I love you too.”

Son: “But I did see you walking.”

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