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Sick kids

Ugh. Sick kids are the worst for two reasons.

  • You hate to see your children sick.When I say I that any bad thing that ever happens to them I wish would happen to me instead, I mean it.Not only because I can handle it better, but because I just want for them to have total and complete happiness.

  • Because it is completely exhausting, draining, and downright annoying to have a child (or 4) with a minor ailment.

My #2 is sick right now, and he rarely ever gets sick so he doesn’t know how to deal with it. Me neither. Even though looking at his sick little face breaks my heart in two, if he opens his mouth to whine one more time I am going to jump out of a window. Mind you, the window would be open, and on the first floor. This is less about self-harm than it is about an emergency exit strategy. For him and for me. Funny thing is, he is my big eater and since he hasn’t been feeling well, he’s eaten about two bites and looks really slim. I have been doing my best to make him feel better, but on the low, I can’t help but wonder how I haven’t caught this one. I mean, with four kids, we catch every bug that goes around. The stomach bug that went around last year? We refer to that as the never-ending vomit plague of 2013 here at my house. We had that one on repeat for about 4 months. I considered moving. But now he has some mysterious ailment (the doc says strep, but I’m not buying) that makes him incredibly whiny and sleep all day, only waking up long enough to boss everyone around while we wait on him hand and foot—and he’s completely lost his appetite and hasn’t even complained about being hungry.

So here’s what we’ve learned so far: projectile vomit—extremely contagious. Whiny, skinny, sleepy disease—I’m completely immune. Well, to the skinny part. I seem to have whiny and sleepy down cold.

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