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Did I just say that?

Today has already been a random day, with a long list of disjointed things yet to be done. For example, mop the hallway, update the iPhone, buy 2 packs of Oreos at Albertson’s (not because we need cookies, but because I have a coupon that expires that is too good to waste)…

So, in honor of the randomness that is my Monday, here is the section of my crazy quotes list that are too random to fit in any other category.

Random Remarks

"Get your foot out of my pocket."

"You shouldn’t play with other people’s nipples." (The funniest part about this conversation is that he called them ‘elbows’ at the time)

"That monkey is not a weapon."

"Who threw up in this backpack?"

"He’s got his foot in the toilet again."

"No, you’re not afraid of a jacket or any other article of clothing."

"Why is there shredded cheese in your diaper?" (not the weirdest thing I’ve found in a diaper)


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