Brothers Tee

The #2 rule at my house is "bros before...everyone else.  Perfect tee for the li'l bubbas in your life.

Upside of Down Tee

This shirt proudly proclaims there is nothing "down" about Down syndrome!

Planet Socks

In honor of "Rock your socks for World Down Syndrome Day" on March 21st, these crazy socks feature William's favorite - planets!


The Condemned

It was her story first. Ebony, a powerful genie, must make the decision to live an ordinary life, or reclaim the power she was denied at birth.

Coloring Book Cover.jpg

Adult Coloring Book

Had a long day being a mother? You need some stress relief in your life. Sign up for the site to get your free book now!

The Chosen

Three diverse young women fight to save the world (but mostly themselves) from an evil genie turned loan shark.

Mommy Moments

Ever had a "Mom" moment? Of course you have! This quick read will help you find humor in the madness.

SuperBrother Squad

Featuring the real life adventures of 4 amusing muses! Read about the kids who've made me what I am today...crazy!


XFactor Kids

These chewable vitamins keep my kids healthy and strong!

ProBio 5

The best probiotic on the market, hands down. I've tried the rest, but these keep us healthy and remedy my stomach issues!


Feel the burn! Kick start metabolism and assist your weight-loss goals.

Our Faves

4 Amusing Muses
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